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Preparing for High School & Beyond

In the spring of 2019, elementary schools across the Archdiocese of Chicago administered the ACT Aspire summative test to students in grades 3-8. The ACT Aspire test assesses students’ academic proficiency in five academic areas: English, Reading, Math and Science. The test is aligned with the rigorous curriculum standards that inform classroom instruction in all classrooms across the archdiocese. The ACT Aspire test evaluates student understanding of concepts and asks students to demonstrate their proficiency with grade-level skills ensuring they are prepared to succeed in high school and college. 

Students who reach a level of performance at or above the ACT readiness benchmark are well equipped to take on the challenge of high school and will find themselves with multiple options when it comes to choosing the right school.  

Preparing for high school can be an exciting, enlightening experience for students and their families.  When your student embarks on the next part of their educational journey, he or she will be confident in applying at any high school.  Our ACT Aspire scores point to the well-rounded and rigorous education they received from St. Symphorosa. 

St. Symphorosa Student Performance FY2019

The ACT College Readiness Benchmarks help states, districts & schools identify the level of performance on academic achievement tests needed for a student to be college ready. 


The benchmarks help articulate college expectations to students in lower grades.  Students begin participating in the  ACT Aspire test in third grade – the beginning of their educational journey toward the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks.  

The ACT College Readiness Benchmarks are the minimum ACT test scores required for students to have a reasonable chance of success in first-year credit-bearing college courses at the typical college.

Choosing The Right High School

Choosing the right Highschool can be an anxious and sometimes overwhelming experience. As you and your child navigate the process of considering and acting upon high school choices, St. Symphorosa will continue to support, guide and counsel our families. Please do not hesitate to contact your student's teacher and explore the helpful links below!


Helpful links:

Catholic High School Brochure (available in Spanish and Polish)

Catholic High School Guide for Parents of 8th Graders (available in Spanish and Polish)

Factors that will help you discover which school matches your needs most:

Catholic High School Admission Timeline and Checklist (available in Spanish and Polish)

Catholic High School Admission Information


Visit the Archdiocese High School page, where you can search by geographic area.

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