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Parent Testamonials

I send my children to St. Symphorosa because I like the school curriculum and the effort put forth by the teachers to prepare the children for the next grade level. I also like the religious education they are receiving."

- - Ruiz Family

"We as parents try to guide our children the best way we know how, spiritually, fundamentally and emotionally. The teachers are such a blessing. They go over and beyond where we left off and are so involved with each child. There is a variety of sport clubs, social events and Church activities to participate in. The class size is perfect, we know all our boys’ classmates. When I drop them off in the morning, I always see a "sea" of familiar faces. I know if I am ever running late, there is always a teacher or parent making sure a kid is not alone. We are very fortunate to send our kids to a school that educates, disciplines and gives structure to our children."- - Pettenon Family

"At St. Symphorosa the academic and spiritual foundation our son receives is a gift that will stay with him for the rest of his life. Our school provides a sense of family and helps our child to develop as a good person. This is what’s important. This is what we want for our son. This is why we send him to St. Syms. It’s simply the right place to be."- - Golab Family

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