Extra Curricular Activities

Amigos Spanish Club

No previous knowledge of Spanish is necessary. Learning Spanish is as easy as uno, dos, tres! Current research has found a positive link between learning a second language and cognitive and academic ability. In addition to developing a lifelong skill to communicate with people from other countries and backgrounds, other benefits include improved overall school performance and higher problem solving skills. In Afterschool Amigos Spanish Club, children will learn numbers, colors, shapes, greetings, days of the week and more. We will be singing, clapping, and counting our way towards learning the Spanish language. Each child will receive a participation award on the last day of the session. 

Grades K-5

If you have difficulty registering, please contact Afterschool Enrichment Solutions at 847-482-9999 or registration@learningmeansfun.com

No refunds will be made, unless there is insufficient enrollment. No make-ups will be scheduled for inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control. It's the parents' responsibility to remind the children about the classes. 

Chess Scholars

Develop your child's intellect through the royal game of chess! Current research has shown a strong link between chess and academic performance in a variety of areas, including mathematics and language arts. Also, chess has been proven to enhance motivation, concentration, focus, social skills, and creativity. 

No previous knowledge of chess is necessary. Each class will consist of a fun, interactive teaching period and guided practice time. Both new and returning participants are welcome and will get to the next level under the guidance of an experienced Chess Scholars coach.  There will also be a chess competition with prizes towards the end of the session! 



Let's Build It Engineering!
STEM Learning

Robotics-Gears and Gizmos-Design and build your own robots! Your child will explore the field of robotics through a series of exciting and dynamic lessons. Students will learn about mechanical engineering as they construct and use robots to complete tasks and engage in competitions. A variety of topics will be covered including gear ratios, electricity, rotation, friction, force, transmitters and LEDs. No previous experience is necessary, both new and returning participants are welcome! Each student will receive an award on the last day of the session, and have the opportunity to earn Energy Belts to demonstrate their learned skills!

Grades 1-6

Let's build it.jpg

Let's Code It Programming!

coding pic.jpg

Create a Website-Plan a future business and create a website for it! Will you own a cupcake shop? Publicize a tour for your rock band? Start an animal rescue? The sky's the limit! Whatever you choose, you're probably going to need a website. Learn the ins and outs of designing your own corner of the internet using a variety of website building tools, including a basic introduction to html. Elements of creative writing and design combined with the fun of creating your own personal website make this class a can't-miss. Each student will receive an award on the last day of the session, and will have the opportunity to earn Code Belts to demonstrate their learned skills.

Grades 2-8

 Call the school office at 773-585-6888 for enrollment details!