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St. Symphorosa School – Celebrating Faith, Family, and Academic Excellence

Mission Statement

St. Symphorosa is a Catholic elementary school that educates diverse groups of students.  We are committed to educate our children to embrace the values and traditions of our Catholic faith and integrate them with the continued pursuit of academic excellence.  It is our mission to teach the gospel message of Jesus, to pursue academic excellence, to encourage service to others and to prepare our students to be responsible Catholic adults.

The Four Cornerstones of Our Mission

We Are Called To Grow

  • Challenging curriculum designed to ensure not only a mastery of fundamentals, but also building creative, innovative problem-solving skills

  • Differentiated instruction to maximize individual growth and success

  • Project-based, integrated technology to personalize learning, encourage collaboration and prepare students for the future

  • Extracurricular and enrichment opportunities created to develop leadership skills and to promote team-building


We Are Called To Live Our Catholic Faith

  • Catholic faith, values and traditions are taught in the classroom, and modeled in daily school life

  • Weekly liturgical participation encourages students to develop a personal relationship with God, and provides a strong foundation for developing their Catholic identity

  • Sacramental preparation nourishes the faith development of both students and their families

  • Shared worship experiences engage and partner students with members of the parish community

We Are Called to Serve

  • School-wide and grade level service projects integrate “giving back” as a core component of curriculum

  • Plentiful service opportunities, designed to promote social justice, help students build and practice their Catholic faith in the school, parish, community and the world

  • School service organizations and student-to-student mentoring opportunities encourage leadership and Christian conduct

We Are Called To Love

  • The “Eleventh Commandment” of Jesus to “Love one another just as I have loved you” expresses our core philosophy and guides us in our everyday activities.

  • Nurturing staff, enthusiastic student body and involved parent community combine to reflect the light of Christ’s love to all who enter our school

  • Shared faith experience and commitment to Catholic education promote partnership between parents, students and faculty

  • Strong sense of family encourages cooperation, and creates a safe, comfortable environment where students can thrive

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