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St. Symphorosa's Kindergarten Class

St. Symphorosa's Kindergarten Class

Language Arts

The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) Into Reading program, targets children’s diverse needs using whole class instruction, teacher - led small groups and options for building independence.  It engages the children in active viewing and listening, vocabulary exploration and collaborative discussions to build knowledge and language for literacy success.  It also supports the children’s reading comprehension and vocabulary development through meaningful experiences with texts and opportunities to practice and apply new skills. 

  • Letter identification and sounds

  • Print all upper and lowercase letters

  • Blend sounds to decode (read)

  • Segment sounds to encode (spell)

  • Read and spell high frequency words

  • Comprehension and fluency skills

  • Rhyming words

  • Syllables

  • Parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms and homonyms

  • Grammar and punctuation

  • Early writing skills, writing mechanics


Go Math - A comprehensive engaging and interactive program emphasizing

  • Numbers to 100

  • Place value

  • Addition and subtraction readiness

  • Geometry and patterns

  • Problem solving strategies

  • Measurement

  • Two and three dimensional shapes

  • Tables, graphs


Scholatsic Science Spin Program

  • States of Matter

  • Hibernation

  • How things are made?

  • The Moon

  • What Does a Scientist Do?

  • Seasons

  • Plants/Life Science

  • Consumers and Producers

  • Nutrition

  • Colorful Animals


At St. Symphorosa...

In Kindergarten, we create a community of learners so that each child feels accepted, respected and confident in what they do.


Our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten and includes Religion, Reading, Math, Language Arts, Science Social Studies, Art, Spanish Music, Gym  and Computers. It also provides the students with fine and gross motor practice as well as social and emotional development.


Sadlier - We Believe with Project Discipleship


Topics Include:

  • God Gives Us Many Gifts

  • God Is Our Creator

  • Jesus Shows Us God’s Love

  • Jesus Wants Us To Share God’s Love

  • The Mass and Sacraments

Social Studies

Scholastic "Let's Find Out" Program

  • My Community

  • Rules/Responsibilities

  • Needs and Wants

  • Animal Families/Habitats

  • Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians

  • Holiday Traditions

  • Black History

  • Earth Day

  • Feelings

  • Presidents and Patriots

  • Veterans

  • Dental Health

  • Jobs People Do

  • American Monuments/Symbols

  • Summer Safety

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