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St. Symphorosa's Preschool Program

Full Day    Half Day    Five Days a Week

Language Arts

Rowland Reading Super Kids- Happily Ever After series- Letter recognition, phonemic awareness, literacy skill building concepts, rhyming, patterns, shapes, and colors. In combination with the Zoo Phonics series.


Includes topics such as:                  





Number recognition 

 1 to 1 correspondence



Pflaum Publishing's Seeds Program-Aligned with the weekly gospels and Discusses Topics including: Jesus shows us hot to love; God cares for all creation; Jesus wants us to grow; Jesus' new law is love; Jesus is our teacher. 

Science & Social Studies

Scholastic’s My Big World series which discusses topics including: the weather, wildlife, the environment and the world around us.

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At St. Symphorosa...

We offer a full day academic program with a half day option that gives our students the opportunity to explore all of the subject areas. Our curriculum aligned with the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards and includes Religion, Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art, Spanish, Gym, Music, and Computers. It also provides students with fine and gross motor practice, literacy awareness, as well as social and emotional development. Additionally, lunch and nap is offered for full day students.

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