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St. Symphorosa

500 Club

Become a Member

Looking to have a lasting impact on a child’s life? We invite you to consider becoming a member of the 500 Club.

The 500 Club is a group of alumni, parishioners, and community members committed to supporting families in need of  financial assistance to offset the cost of a Catholic education for their child. 500 Club Members commit to donate a minimum of $500 per school year. Using the collected funds from members of the 500 club, the St. Symphorosa Financial Aid Committee will award scholarship funds to students in need.  Families who have received internal Financial Aid have been extremely grateful and express how the extra funds assist them in funding a Catholic education.  The families who receive 500 Club scholarship funds will be notified as to the amount and source of the funding. 

We have many high performing students whose Catholic education is in jeopardy due to no fault of their own. Please consider becoming a 500 Club member, and give these students the chance they deserve.

Additional member benefits include

  • Member reception with awarded families

  • Special thank you at our annual Family Fest

  • Appreciation in our church bulletin

  • Name recognition on our school website

  • St. Symphorosa merchandise

For more information or to get started, please email Richard Banden at or call              773-585-6888.

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