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St. Symphorosa's Seventh Grade Class


.The Religion series we use is We Live Our Faith through Sadlier. Our curriculum consists of the seven sacraments, the Church calendar, Jesus’s beginnings and life, and the beginning of Confirmation prep. The students lead the weekly mass which affords the students opportunities to participate in mass.


Various novels are covered throughout the year. We also focus on many different

short stories to help analyze and comprehend the literature. The students also

practice nonfiction reading with a strong focus on close reading.




The students work on the various parts of speech. The writing process is covered with a concentration on analytical expository.



Water/Oceanography, Electricity, Weather, Environment Science, Astronomy

Social Studies

13 English Colonies, The American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, The Flag, U.S. Constitution, Illinois Constitution


Go Math-Adding and Subtracting Integers, Multiplying and Dividing Integers, Rational Numbers, Ratios and Proportionality, Proportions and Percents, Expressions and Equations, Modeling Geometric Figures, Circumference, Area, Volume, Analyzing and Comparing Data, Random Samples and Populations, Experimental Probability, Real Numbers, Exponents and Scientific Notation, and Solving Linear Equations.

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