St. Symphorosa's Fourth Grade Class

Language Arts

Reading-Book reports  -DOK Questions-Fluency practice-English-Nouns -Pronouns-Adjectives -Adverbs-Verbs -Writing- Spelling- 12 new vocab.  per chapter-Definitions -Synonyms-Antonyms



-Place value-Addition/Subtraction- Multiplication/Division-Graphing-Geometry-Measurement-Fractions/Decimals


-10 Commandments-Child Lures-Family Life


-Classifying living things-Matter and Energy-Electricity and Magnetism

Social Studies

- 5 Regions of the USA-States and capitals

At St. Symphorosa...

Fourth grade is a wonderfully exciting year spent acquiring all of the information required in the Common Core Curriculum and the skills necessary for the transition into Junior High.  My focus is on the students becoming respectful, responsible, and independent learners.  I teach Religion, Family Life, Child Lures, Reading, Spelling/Vocabulary, Social Studies and English.  Mrs. Jania, the third grade teacher, teaches Math and Science.  The fourth graders are also very pleased to be “buddies” with Ms. Rohan’s PreK for church and other school functions.  Both classes love spending time together!