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St. Symphorosa's First Grade Class

Language Arts

With our reading curriculum, ‘Into Reading’, students strengthen key first grade skills including: letter- sound recognition, blending, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, handwriting, spelling, grammar, expressive writing, and critical thinking.


With our math curriculum "Go Math" students will learn:

  • Addition and Subtraction concepts and strategies

  • Counting, modeling and comparing numbers

  • Measurement

  • Representing data

  • Two and three dimensional geometry


​Students will learn:

  • Jesus Teaches Us About God's Love

  • We Are Followers Of Jesus

  • We Belong To The Church

  • We Celebrate And Live Our Faith-Church Calendar


Students will explore a variety of subjects including plants, solar system, matter, pushes and pulls,
animal habitats and our bodies.


Social Studies

Students will learn about citizenship, holidays, land, people and community in addition to map and
globe skills.

At St. Symphorosa...

First Graders at St Symphorosa are immersed in a rich curriculum, which supports and challenges
them. Students develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through a variety of print and
digital resources. Additionally, they learn the beginning of critical thinking skills. Texts are engaging and high quality with cross curricular links to both science and social studies. In math, students begin learning to problem solve using different strategies, count to 120, use charts and graphs and learn about three dimensional shapes. In religion, students learn how to live their faith and that they are important to God. Additionally, they attend weekly masses and perform in the annual, first grade Nativity Play at Christmas.

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