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St. Symphorosa's Eighth Grade Class


Life of Jesus, moral choices, The Early Church, Christians of the Roman Empire, Christians of the Early Middle Ages, Christians of the High Middle Ages, The History of the Church and Seasons and Celebrations of the Church Year.   Confirmation Preparation, religious retreats.


Go Math-Real Numbers, Exponents and Scientific Notation, Proportional Relationships, Nonproportional Relationships, Writing Linear Equations, Functions, Solving Linear Equations, Solving Systems of Linear Equations, Transformations and Congruence, Transformations and Similarity, Angle Relationships in Parallel Lines Triangles, The Pythagorean Theorem, and Volume.





Microbiology, Ecology, Animal Diversity, Frog Dissections



Novels, annotated text, short stories, personal essays, articles, poetry, folktales, informational text, fiction, and nonfiction. Various literary elements, grammar links, reading and thinking skills, vocabulary skills, and writing skills. 




 The writing process is covered with a concentration on argumentative writing as well as the eight parts of speech.

Social Studies


Pre-Civil War, The Civil War, Reconstruction, Immigration, WWI​.

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