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3rd and 4th Grade Curriculum

At St. Symphorosa...
Third grade is a big transition year for the students, who are now in the intermediate grades. Each student is helped to reach his or her highest potential through alternate ways of teaching, group work, and individual help. 


Fourth grade is a wonderfully exciting year spent acquiring all of the skills necessary for the transition into Junior High.  Our focus is on the students becoming respectful, responsible, and independent learners. 


In third and fourth grade, students become “buddies” with the preschoolers for church and other school functions providing them with the opportunity to display leadership and answering the call to recognize that their words count and that actions speak.  The knowledge of knowing that they are role models for their younger peers is a responsibility that they take seriously.  Added Bonus: both classes love spending time together!

Language Arts

The language arts curriculum is a balanced literacy program and develops reading, writing, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, listening, and speaking skills. Teachers in Kindergarten through fifth grade follow the The Superkids Reading Program which is supplemented with i-Ready.  The The Superkids Reading Program curriculum is a comprehensive K-6 English language arts program. It provides an instructional system for reading both literature and informational texts, for acquiring foundational skills, and for developing mastery of speaking, listening and writing. DOK (Depth of Knowledge) questions are given to help the students obtain a higher level of thinking.  i-Ready is a tool for delivering differentiated instruction. It combines an adaptive universal screener and growth measure that helps teachers personalize instruction for every child. 


The math curriculum at St. Symphorosa builds a solid foundation in number concepts and focuses on equipping students with multiple strategies and tools necessary to become problem solvers and critical thinkers. Meaningful, hands-on activities and group projects allow students to make ties to their own lives and the outside world, and ensure a complete understanding of concepts, rather than just processes. St. Symphorosa students follow the GoMath! curriculum and incorporate supplemental aides such as IXL Learning, and i-Ready   

Social Studies
The Social Studies curriculum progresses at developmentally appropriate stages, beginning with students exploring their place in the community and continuing through the world. Teachers complement traditional instruction with inquiry based instruction, which is a student-led and teacher-guided instructional method that engages students in investigating issues that are relevant to their lives and relate to real world issues.

the upcoming school year).

The Office of Catholic Schools is in the process of rolling out new, revised religion curriculum priority standards for Catholic school students in Pre-K through Grade 8. The religion curriculum priority standards are aligned to Renew My Church imperatives by emphasizing the role of Catholic schools in making disciples, building communities, and inspiring witness as they accompany students in their faith journey.  A focus on encountering Christ in oneself and others through study, service, and prayer is key. (Stay tuned to the OCS website in the coming months as we anticipate a more public sharing of new religion standards for the upcoming school year). Students are shown respect and learn to respect others. Service projects are one way to show we are Christians and care about others.  Each year we complete projects semi-monthly and distribute them to nursing homes. 

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